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PA Sport Recovery’s very own sponsored elite Athlete Abigail Jones finishes on top again!!!

Updated: May 31, 2019

On Sunday 26th May, Abigail Jones, a local elite athlete, took part in White Star Racing's latest event “Dorset Invaders Marathon” in Bridport, West Dorset. A gruelling 28.4 mile trail marathon across two of the largest hills in Dorset; Pilsdon Pen and Lewesdon Hill.

Abigail explains that she had one of the worst weeks of training and preparation prior to the event due to illness and injury. However, like the warrior Abigail is, with treatment and recovery she prepared herself in the best way she knows how leading up to the race.

She explained to me how she overcame a tumble in the first 10km due to an unforeseen pothole and how she fought off multiple stings from nettles along the course. She battled through the challenging course, with amazing views as far as the eyes could see over the most beautiful landscape the West of Dorset has to offer.

Defying all odds and overcoming all the barriers that the course could throw at her, she came through the finish line as the 1st lady and the 4th athlete overall, in an incredible 4 hours 48 mins. She totally blew the competition away, beating the top athletes that the South of England had to offer.

An outstanding performance by Abigail and a rightful deserved victory!

Prior to this event in April, Abigail also took part in the Jurassic Coast Challenge for the Bone Cancer Charity. This entailed three marathons over three days, in which she had to overcome some of the most harrowing cliffs and terrain that the Dorset coastline could throw at her. Once again, she came out on top -finishing all three marathons as the 1st lady and 10th overall finisher.

Abigail is a local born talent – we think she is definitely one to be watched now and in the near future. PA Sports Recovery will continue to support as she progresses her career in the sport. Make sure you look out for her and support her in her coming events this year!

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